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Is co-ownership right for you?
With interest rates rising, along with the overall cost of living, more people are turning to creative options to achieve homeownership. Co-ownership with family or friends—once a very niche...
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The Bank of Canada’s rate hikes may not be done yet
In addition to raising interest rates by another 75 basis points on September 7, the Bank of Canada also signalled that it’s not done hiking just yet. As expected, the Bank raised its overnight...
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Fixed vs. Variable Rate Mortgage: What's The Best Option For 2022
Fixed vs. variable is a topic that I discuss with the vast majority of my clients, and now more than ever it is important to understand the pros and cons, and implications of the age-old debate. The...
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2022 Federal Budget, Tax Free First Home Savings Account, and the real barriers to entry
Here are my thoughts on the new Tax Free First Home Savings Account, barriers to entry for first time buyers, and a cursory look at the issues facing and the short-term future of the Canadian real...
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